Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Williams He really lives so you cant control him

“There is at Easter no Christ who simply seals our righteousness and innocence, no guarantor of our status, and so no ideological cross. Jesus is alive, he is there to be encountered again, and so his personal identity remains; which means that his cross is his, not ours, part of the history of a person who obstinately stands over against us and will not be painlessly assimilated into our own memories.”
–Rowan Williams, Resurrection: Interpreting the Easter Gospel (Cleveland, Oh: Pilgrim Press, 2002), 71-72.


alison said...

That is an incredible quote.

Mike W said...

Yep. It is a great book.
It's not something we think about much, but Jesus physical risen body means he always stands over and above the church and can't be assimilated into it. We don't own jesus, he owns us