Thursday, March 26, 2009

How long has it been since you read the gospels afresh?

A while back, someone commented to me that evangelicals are strong on the epistles and weak on the gospels. We just don't know them, understand them or ponder them enough.
In light of this, I want to spend a good long time an a gospel, probably Luke, with the youth group I'm helping out with. It's one thing to say Jesus is Lord, it's quite another to know what 'Jesus' means, let alone who he is. At the moment I sense that he is seen as a figure who enacts the formula of God to take away sin. Yet there is so much more.

Then I came across this in Augustine's Enchiridion

"As for the certain and distinctive
foundation of the catholic faith, it is Christ. "For other foundation," said
the apostle, "can no man lay save that which has been laid, which is Christ
Jesus." Nor should it be denied that this is the distinctive basis of
the catholic faith, just because it appears that it is common to us and to
certain heretics as well. For if we think carefully about the meaning of
Christ, we shall see that among some of the heretics who wish to be called
Christians, the name of Christ is held in honor, but the reality itself is
not among them."

I know this is a long shot, but boy it worries me that we don't engage with the gospels much, since, while we may hold the name Christ in honour, what of the reality itself?


Victor Tavitian said...
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Victor Tavitian said...

Hey Mike, do you mean in our churches or in our theological discussions or both?

Mike W said...

I was probably thinking church more than college