Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonders of Youth Group

I've never done Youth Group before. Tonight I lead for the first time. Introduced these kids to the decent of the kingdom from the promise to David to the exile. Ended asking how the history pointed to Jesus.

The adults answered 'Jesus is fulfillment of the promise to David, not the kings.' Great answer but not how the history points to Jesus.

Then this unchurched kid pipes up having been in youth group the last 5 weeks on salvation history, 'Jesus is like Israel, has his own exile kind of.'

'How' I ask?

'Well he dies for the sins of the people, like what we read (2 Kings 25).'


Matthew Moffitt said...


Alison has a similar story from scripture.

Matt Bales said...

Pray tell...

Matthew Moffitt said...

I think it went something like...Alison's class was looking at Ezra/Nehemiah (have studied the rest of Israel's history in the CEP material). Alison asked where God's promises to Abraham were up to in Ezra/Nehemiah, and amongst other things the kids worked out that there was no king! And then one piped up that Jesus was the king!

Alison tells it better.

disa said...