Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Generation flexible

I was born halfway through 1980. Technically this puts me on the older cusp of Gen Y. Now Gen Y's are knocked sometimes for being a privelleged, soft bunch. But I'd like to counter with two words. Job flexibility. In the 90's, some bright spark came up with the idea of calling casual and part time labour 'job flexibility'. I woke up this morning and realised, I'm almost thirty, i have had a grand total of one week of paid holidays in my life. Job flexibility. I've had a series of employers who just didn't get round to paying super. Job flexibility. I remember one gen xer who was trying to get me to go to some conference. he couldn't quite grasp that being a casual didn't mean I could choose when to work, it meant I had to take whatever I could get. Job flexibility. Thanks a bunch baby boomers

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byron smith said...

I've had a total of twelve months in full time work. But maybe that's not because I'm Gen Y, just a parasite.