Saturday, February 6, 2010


ok, so that last post was a little too cynical and not really justified. For the most part the conservative/reformed/evangelical brothers and sisters (of which I am one) I am surrounded by are caring, sensitive, passionately loving people, who are far more careful in their choice of words than I am, who are far more joyful in the riches of God's mercy.

What I liked about MPJ's article was the way it asked, 'why do we accept the strange bullying antics of some of our friends?'. Espicially (but not only) if we disagree with their position.

nevertheless, I must keep strggling against cynicism, beacause reality (at least in my part of it) is much rosier than my easy caricature of conservative evangelicals (us).

lord have mercy

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byron smith said...

Sometimes, we don't recognise ourselves until we see a caricature.