Thursday, February 25, 2010

Would you be offended if bits and pieces of project stuff came up here?

I've found blogger, with its ability to tag posts, an incredibly handy tool for keeping little tidbits of information and quotes (as you may have noticed). Would you see it as poor form if I posted small thoughts and bits that I'd like to be able to find later on this blog?

I offer this post as an example.

2 Macc 3:38-39 offers support to Rosner's 'ho topos'/temple interpretation of 1 Corinthians 1:2

Philo of Alexandria writes about Jerusalem as the one and only place for God's Temple 'On Special Laws' 1.67 He also has some bits that present the entire cosmos as a Holy Temple to God, with the Jerusalem structure as a mediating temple.

In 'On the Contemplative life', Philo describes a group of of devoted Jewish worshippers near Alexandria as 'like priests when sacrificing' in abstaining from wine.
This seems to be a metaphorical use of temple imagery for the life of those not at the temple.

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byron smith said...

Do what you like, it's your show. Though it would be helpful if you used some meta-tag in your heading to signal when you're doing it, like "[Not a post]" or "[Filing]" or "[Ignore]" before the title each time. :-)