Monday, February 15, 2010

Moore College students, keep everything

This is a tip for all Moore College Students.

When you submit an essay, keep a timed and dated photograph of the assignment going into the box.

Keep another copy for yourself already spell checked and printed in case the office loses it.

When the office e-mails you to ask for another copy, keep that email, hard and soft copies. In fact, keep all correspondence with the office, both e-mails you send to them and e-mails they send to you. Hard and soft, in duplicate if you must.

When the assignment is returned, keep the marked copy and a photocopy of the markers page with the mark clearly marked (with a marking pen if you like).

When your transcript comes in, carefully check that your assignment marks match the transcript.

Now here is the kicker. Don't throw anything out yet, because the office CAN STILL CHANGE YOUR TRANSCRIPT.

I guess seven years is the way to go, just like tax.


byron smith said...

Having some troubles?

Anonymous said...

yeah, one particular essay went from submitted to lost to HD to a sudden 50%. I'm just glad I kept everything

Matthew Moffitt said...


byron smith said...

Double ouch!

Mike Bull said...

This is all part of the training.