Thursday, February 4, 2010

Michael Jensen undermines the very foundations of conservative evangelical discourse

Over at the blogging parson, Mike Jensen has written a piece on knowledge, trust, and most controversially, young earth creationism.

While the article seems innocent at first, in fact it undermines one of the most important foundations of most conservative evangelical discourse.

That foundation is this: if I disagree with you, but your position can be construed as more conservative than mine, I will keep my mouth shut and regard you as quaint but sincere.

Of course this is based on the deeper foundation: if I disagree with you and your position is even the slightest bit less conservative, then you are fair game to be labelled a liberal, gospel denying heretic who secretly reads bultmann every night.

Now we must recognise how dangerous Jensens position is. If his thinking takes hold, we will be burdened with engaging each and every person on each of their views, and then think about how to respond. We will have to plant a stake in the ground and engage on the basis of truth, rather than charicature those who disagree with us as jesus hating naughty people.

Surely we all recognise that the simple conservative/ liberal labelling system is far more efficient ; )


michael jensen said...

gosh, the title of your post alarmed me!

Mike W said...

yes, sorry to alarm. thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.