Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Jesus flat out heals people.
He is a healer.
He takes broken lives and puts them back together
He salves wounds.
But it can take time.

Today I spoke with a man who turned to Jesus after he had run away from home, fleeing all sorts of abuse. A friend had accepted Jesus to be the boss and plead with him to accept Jesus too, and he did. That was 1983, and he was a messed up man in need of healing.
The next ten years saw alcohol problems, mental illness, a marriage, a divorce, multiple jobs, as Jesus went to work on his mind and life.

The ten after that saw gambling, another marriage breakup and finally homelessness, as Jesus did a bit more work.

Now he is a very gracious man ministering to many others.
Some wounds wont heal. Swathes of time will never be returned.
but we wait in true hope for the day when there will be no more tears.
That day will come, and we see glimpses now.
But we must wait patient, patient, patient for Jesus to do his healing.

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