Friday, March 26, 2010

Practice makes preacher

I was listening to a prominent preacher yesterday bemoaning the banality of preaching in Sydney.
One of the (many) issues he raised was practice..
I have a hunch that many of our best preachers come from youth ministry backgrounds, simply because they get a lot of practice speaking.
Some guys come into theological college, having done a heap of Bible studies, lots of 1-1 ministry and 5 or 6 talks.
I was blessed with the opportunity to do youth and childrens ministry. I did the figures last night, I'd done nearly 400 christian talks before I came to college. I have no doubt many of them were pretty crap.(still have doubts about my current talks) But it would take a few years out of college to have that many learning experiences.

How can we give our preachers more practice?
If you are at college, how many talks did you do before coming to college?


byron smith said...

Prior to college, I had probably given less than 50 Christian talks. I felt very aware (and still do) that my experience was (and is) fairly shallow in this regard.

Mike W said...

yeah, well, good way to prove my point wrong byron, your sermons are fantastic!