Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Work, 'communication' and alienation

Hi MTC 4th years, especially those doing social ethics!

Lets think about what we communicate

That dinner you are eating, do you think the people who made it got paid a minimum wage? Do you think they were bullied by their boss for even mentioning the word super? Do you think the produce that went into it was picked by well paid labour or contract slaves from overseas? Do you think the supermarket that sold it to you actually pays its workers for the hours they do?

What are we communicating when we consume? Usually, F**k you.

'but aren't there laws against these things michael?'
Ha ha ha what planet do you live on.
Even if you were stupid enough to ever take your boss to task, the legal costs are so prohibitive, it is never worth the individual workers while. The law is for the wealthy
But lets not blame the employers, because it is those with the purchasing power that have asked them to pass on the message.

This is a form of communication, it creates social bonds (tight ones). It just so happens that they are toxic.

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byron smith said...

And all this is before we consider what message we are sending to the planet (and to our children) from the ecological degradation associated with much of our food production.